LaidNYC’s First Law of the Internet

by laidnyc

LaidNYC’s First Law of the Internet
Females who comment on male-interest blogs or forums are, by default, ugly.  Hot young feminine girls do not have the interest or time to comment on blogs.

The longer and more argumentative the comment, the uglier the girl is who wrote it.

Groupies, I’m just not that into you, because you’re probably not that attractive.
Shrill, short-haired feminist haters, I’m not into you either.

As Vox Day pointed out, females flock to male spheres of influence, not out of honest interest, but for attention and validation from the highest value men in the sphere.

The catch is:

Hot girls get enough attention in real life and do not need to seek it out on the internet.

That leaves ugly girls taking cover under anonymity or MySpace angles to bait men into arguing with them or paying attention to them.

The reason the uglier a girl is the more argumentative she is, is because when you’re ugly you have to argue hard to shield yourself from unpleasant truths.

Please note:  I actually like having women around commenting.  I there is value in seeing feminist dissent from the truth, if only to easier blast their arguments.  I actually like having the red pill women around as well, even in our male corner of the internet.  I may be in the minority in that regard.

As my law dictactes, and as others have pointed out, more conservative/redpill women tend to be better looking.  However, most (if not all) of the red pill woman bloggers are mothers and family women first.  Their interest in the red pill is due to a religious and family slant.  They were not blogging about the red pill while they were at their hot young peak, and they’d be the first to admit that.  I haven’t seen non-blurry pictures of any of the lady bloggers, but I’d bet a fair schilling that they were all hotter 10-15 years ago.

Single girl bloggers are invariably less attractive cock-carousel rationalizers.

Until proven otherwise, if a girl comments on my blog I have no choice but to assume she is ugly or past peak.  Sorry.