Avoiding False Rape Accusations: A Primer

by laidnyc

Rape is a horrible thing…you know, if it actually happens.

It’s common knowledge among men and anyone who has had an actual conversation with an honest police officer that there are women out there who claim they have been raped even if they haven’t.  Because false rape claims can destroy an innocent man’s reputation, finances, freedom and future, they are as vicious and unjust as forcible rape itself.  As a man, you must protect yourself against these claims with as much vigor as a woman should defend herself against actual rape.

The motivations behind false rape claims are almost invariably shame, regret, need for attention, and to protect social status.  You should plan accordingly with the following strategies.

Rule #1: Be Discreet.  When you bang a girl, shut the fuck up about it.  Do what you can to make sure nobody finds out and that she knows nobody will find out.  I believe the vast majority of false rape cases can be avoided by taking this alone into account.  If a girl considers you a “mistake”, you can at least afford her the right to deal with her shame and regret privately by not blabbing about it.  Before you bang, set the frame that you’re a discreet guy.  What happens in Vegas.  Do nothing leading up to or after the hookup that will cause her to lose face or respect with her social circle or people she knows.  This is why you should be especially cautious anywhere you are banging her where there are people around.  It is not a coincidence that a large amount of the false rape stories I hear of are at house parties.

Don’t make her feel like a slut afterwards.  Cuddle, let her sleep over if she wants, get breakfast with her in the morning.  Keep an unapologetic, non-judgemental frame.  “That was hot, I’m unashamed about what we just did and you are not a slut and we’re not telling anybody” is the unspoken subtext of your post-bang game.  A woman who feels like a man used her for sex and then shunned her is far more likely to claim rape.

Don’t Gangbang There’s just something about getting gangbanged that triggers and “omg I’m a whore” moment in a girl the next day.  Wonder why?  Of course, she will have to rationalize not being a whore, and can very easily land on “I was raped”.  Two or more guys ganging up on a girl will trigger sympathy in police, white knights, and other authorities.

Avoid girls who complain they’ve been raped/abused in the past.  As a general rule the faster a girl brings this up after you meet, the more likely it is to be a lie.  The best predictor of future behavior is past behavior, so she will lie about it again.  When a girl is actually raped or abused, it is a big deal for her to talk about it with someone.  Bar whores who flaunt the “I was raped” thing are despicable because they are trivializing what girls who were actually raped go through.  If a girl who was actually raped tells you, you will be able to tell she is telling the truth, because she won’t talk about it at a table full of guys, baiting them for sympathy.  Just say no to attention whores.

Be careful with girls who have boyfriends/husbands.  It is especially important to be discreet with these girls, or avoid them altogether, because they will do anything to rationalize why the cheating is not their fault.  There is little they can say to make it not their fault, so the rationalization process runs wild and can easily land on “I got raped”.  An important note: Beta males have a rationalization process similar to females and would rather believe their little tramp is a virtuous victim than confront the harsh nature of female hypergamy.  Simply put:  Her boyfriend will probably believe her if she says you raped her, and he’ll seek to inflict harm on you in some way.  Police aren’t your only enemy here.

Get to know her first One night stands are far more likely to cry rape.  This is not a failsafe, but the better you know a girl the more signs you’ll see that she’s a rape-accusing psycho.  I know you won’t take my advice here, and I am a hypocrite on this point, but there it is.

Be alpha.  If you are awesome, girls will feel a lot less shame and regret.  Publicly alpha celebrities do get targeted for false rape claims but they are usually douchebags (Big Ben) or a quick payday for the accuser (Kobe) or actual rapists (Mike Tyson, probably).  Also, sometimes girls who get pumped and dumped by celebrities are left feeling like, that’s it?  I fucked a celebrity, I should get a trophy!  They want to milk it for all its worth: attention, money, whatever.  You likely don’t have that worry.  Just be alpha.

Be good in bed.  It is just my theory that most false rape claims are borne from quick, unsatisfying encounters.  If you fuck her good multiple times and make her cum, she is a lot less likely to claim you raped her.

Don’t be all over her in public.  Sometimes good game is the best defense against a false rape charge.  The last thing you need is witnesses saying you were feeling all over her and following her around.  Don’t get me wrong, physical escalation is a very important facet of game but while you are in public, keep her wanting more.  Save the heavy hitting action for private, and if you are going to fuck in a club bathroom, she shouldn’t know your real name or any personal information and her friends should not be aware of what is happening.

Be aware that she can blame alcohol.  Clearly I am not saying you should never fuck a drunk girl, as that is my favorite thing on earth to do, but be aware that alcohol is a contributing factor in nearly all false rape accusations, especially in confluence with any number of the above factors.

Do nothing creepy afterwards.  If it was a quick one night stand or fling, don’t add her on facebook or text her anything needy.  If she thinks you may cause drama, or remind her of her mistake, she may feel the need to villainize you before you can cause her any negative emotions or damage public perception of her.

Anonymity is a good option for one night stands.  If you are playing the short game, there is a strong case for fake names (or first name only at the very least) and fake or no-exchange of phone numbers.

Do NOT apologize if she expresses regret or says she feels “weird” about what happened.  Don’t make her feel guilty or slutty for what happened.  Don’t try to justify your actions in any way, as that can be perceived as guilt.  Don’t criticize her emotions.  Just blame society for being unfair about sex and say adults should be able to do what they want without feeling guilty.  Reiterate discreet and non-judgmental frames.  I recommend you save all texts and get an app that automatically records all your phone calls if you have a smart phone.

Fuck at your place and film it discreetly.  Yes this is not always practical, it is illegal in some jurisdictions, and it may not even be admissible in court, but you have little to lose when faced with a “your word vs. hers” rape accusation in court.  There are plenty of options for hiding a camera in plain sight.

Get text confirmation.  Some players have thoughts on this.  I do not have a standard anti-rape confirmation text routine but you are free to offer yours in the comment section.

If the police come knocking, shut the fuck up and consult an attorney.  Don’t say anything that will help some slapdick DA looking to run for mayor build his case.  Fuck tha police.