No Really, What Does a Feminist Look Like?

by laidnyc

Drink up a Frost-y cold glass of wisdom over at Thumotic.

 He does a helluva job breaking down who is attracted to feminism and why.

 Let me toss in my two bitcoins:

 Feminism is just another example of the destructive Progressive Principle in action.

 What is the Progressive Principle?

As far as I can tell it has been touched on but largely skirted around by my fellow Dark Enlightenment bloggers, so I’m here to define it in plainspeak for you all:

 The Progressive Principle is a means by which a small group of elites team up with the loser dregs of society to exploit the traditional middle class for personal gain.

 The elites win, the loser dregs win a pyrrhic victory and are made worse off, the traditional middle class gets robbed of culture, values, money and happiness.

 This principle is seen in every progressive cause throughout history.

 Let’s do an exercise, for each of these causes, figure out:
(a) who is the elite class using the cause for a profit or power grab
(b) who is the weak underclass supporting the elite class, but winning a pyrrhic victory in the process?
(c) who are the traditional people getting robbed of value

Public Education
Corporate Welfare
Universal Equal Rights
Fiat Currency
Gay Rights

When you open your eyes, it isn’t hard to see, is it?

 As long as there is value in the world being produced by a civilized group, you’ll have a group of people looking to run the table and seize that value by teaming up with the numbers of a weaker class by convincing them they are being exploited.

Civilization is the exception to the rule.

Okay, lets back da fuck up.

Our topic today is feminism.

Given your newfound knowledge of the world, what does a feminist look like?

Well, who are the winning women?  You have an elite group of women like Sheryl Sandberg gaining fame and fortune and TED talks and Slate writing gigs (while often having hypocritical home lives). Power-suited TV and movie execs, and romance novelists profiting from vaginal tingles. Female politicians winning office with utopian vaginal promises.  Ultra-hot young girls profiting with acting gigs, fame, and cash and prizes.

Who is the underclass shooting themself in the face?  A set of frumpy or marginal women, and even attractive but weak, high time preference women convincing themselves they deserve all the alpha cock they can eat.   Their pyrrhic victory is they win their five minutes of alpha but are unhappy for the rest of their life, and their children and family life have worse outcomes.  Also in this subset are the ugly, the old and STD ridden, who wish for all women to be ugly, old and STD ridden.

Who are the traditional class being eroded?  Nice looking pleasant fertile young women who are finding men much less willing to give them the level of commitment they should get, because there’s so much free sex going around. Their incentive to hold out for sex is gone. Put out or the only guy who will commit to you is a pussy-whipped chump.  If you want to start having kids in your most fertile years you are considered weird and probably Mormon.

And the men?

Who are the winners?  Alphas like Robin Thicke running the table on pussy, just let him liberate ya. Also, male politicians and movie/media execs sailing the menstrual flow for fun and profit.  These men invented feminism.  Like all smart men, they invented something that is useful for them.  (I’ll bet a little investigation would show the real power behind women’s suffrage were profiteers who knew women would vote their interests money from the state coffers.  Just a theory.)

 The underclass is friendzoned stick figures and fat pimple faced video game playing cat owning white knighters who believe supporting feminist causes might get an ounce of pussy thrown their way.  Their pyrrhic victory is that their feminist cause wins, but they are only making it harder for themselves to get laid in a world where girls can easily fuck upwards in SMV.

 Who is the traditional class getting fucked (only figuratively of course)? The good guys with low time preference who would make great dads and contribute to society if they have the incentive of a nice family.  They get their status stripped from them, they have a decreasing pool of thin, fertile, chaste girls to choose a wife from and if they do get married, they’re issued divorces and alimony bills for not being hawt enough.

Lets keep it real, niggas:  A lot of you are probably in that last group, but are trying your best to alpha your way into the first group.

Without feminism a lot of you never would have learned game in the first place, you’d be too busy with a nice family.

 But you’re a 7 and that nice 7 who would have made a fine bride for you in 1870 fucked the Left Wing of the hockey team in college where a Federally subsidized loan paid for her to get a sociology degree, which allows her to look down on any man who works with his hands and now the thought of marrying her disgusts you.

It is what it is.  You can’t fight the terrain.

So what do you do?

You either keep trying to find a bride from a shrinking pool of prospects, and fight for your share of civilization.


You say fuck it, master the game, fuck the sluts and ruin other guy’s potential wives, and kick your feet up poolside as the world burns.

Choose your path.

Can anyone really blame you if you choose the latter? I can’t. I may even join you. The world stopped caring first. Fuck it.


Margaret Thatcher said the problem with socialism is eventually you run out of other people’s money.

I’ll go a few steps further, Mrs. Prime Minister: The trouble with progressivism is eventually you run out of other people’s civilization to plunder.

So what’s gonna happen? Who knows.

All I can say is it’s gonna be one hell of a century.

Pass me a cigar.