What will Gramma Selfie be like?

by laidnyc

I had a dream that all the babies prevented by the pill showed up one day.  Boy were they pissed off. – Steven Wright

The pill.  Wingman of the century?

A girl was telling me about a very fertile problem one of her friends was having.  In a candid moment I told her that maybe girls shouldn’t have sex with a guy whose kids they wouldn’t have.  She looked at me as if I had just kicked her fluffy dog in the face.

“You’re not serious, right?”

Weird.  Such a statement was just common knowledge of every person throughout history.  Until now.

Now it is a girl’s right to fuck without consequences.

Well sorry, Rick Santorum, you can’t fight the terrain and you look like an idiot trying.

The pill is here.  It’s staying.

Instead, let’s all just take a deep breath and enjoy the selective pressure it is placing on us.

What type of people will still reproduce in a world with the pill?

Smart people who have very strong maternal and paternal instincts and really want kids, and people who don’t want kids but are too dumb and high time preference to use birth control properly.

The rich get richer, the underclass get more underclass-y.

Smart people who like sex more than kids will breed themselves out.  Sayonara.  Or they’ll wait so long to have kids that autism, down syndrome and ‘weird-only-childism’ rates will rise significantly.  Flush that through a few generations and see what happens.

So what will Gramma Selfie be like?  She won’t be.