A Home Worth Wrecking

by laidnyc

When I moved to New York a while ago I messaged this girl who I knew also lived there.

She was just a girl I knew through some people and had met at a few parties.  She is a very cute blond who was into partying, so ever the long term thinker, I decided I should try to friendzone her and go to bars/clubs with her and use her for social proof.  Hot chicks are like currency in the night life scene.

Anyways, she made lots of promises to meet up, but kept flaking.  No big deal as I wasn’t trying to bang her anyway.

Some time later I sent her a message

“Hey you should come to X tomorrow.  It’s my girlfriend’s birthday”

Like a nuclear bomb set off, she suddenly wants me.

OMG you have a girlfriend?!?

Shows up to the party dressed like her life depended on looking hot.

Starts grabbing my biceps when my girlfriend isn’t looking.

Tells me I’m hot.

Invites me out for drinks the next day to “catch up”.

Alright, of course I didn’t fuck her even though I could have.  I did actually have a girlfriend.  In retrospect, a tactical error to invite her out in the first place.

I could say preselection works.  I could also say women are hardwired to be homewreckers.  Choose your own lesson.