Monogamy, Beauty, and Peacocks

by laidnyc

“Monogamy isn’t natural”

That’s what free-lovin PUAs will tell you, at least.

You know what, though?

For certain people who evolved from certain areas of the world, monogamy is natural.  When tough environments gave women fewer opportunities for food gathering, provisioning from males was very important.

…and it was very costly for a man to support more than one mate.

Competition for men was high, so over time women became more beautiful.

Men who were not monogamous had worse outcomes as their kids and mates got less food from them.

This gave rise to K-selection, female beauty, and eventually modern civilization.

So yes, for certain men, monogamy is the most natural thing in the world.  These men grow up with these instincts.

Without it, the term “oneitis” wouldn’t exist.  For a guy who gets oneitis in his teens, this is his natural state.  You may have been there.

The problem is monogamous K-selected men got a little bit too good at this civilization building thing, and they made things a little bit too comfortable for everyone.

Now the modern world is in an r-selected state.  Women have all they need.  They don’t need men right now for anything but thrills, hence they choose men for flashy alphaness rather than long-term provisioning potential.

The problem is this is exactly the type of selective pressure that produces the ugliest women.

The beauty and civilization that was forged over thousands of cold winters is being squandered by modern prosperity.

So yes, monogamy is natural.  It is a good thing for the world.  And as monogamy goes, so goes civilization and female beauty.

Remember, the peacock is the male.
Female beauty is the exception to the rule.
And it might be here for a limited time only.

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