The Quickest Way to Win an Argument

by laidnyc

You can destroy any argument with one sentence.


“Correlation does not equal causation”

Got you, sucka!  Get your “data” and “evidence” outta here.

Ever argue with someone, present data and then hear them spout this off, as if it INVALIDATES the data completely?

They get to say these magic words and *poof* your data no longer exists.

The phrase has been so misused that now it means “I don’t like your conclusion so your correlation means nothing”.

Yes, correlation does not defacto equal causation.  But its either (1) a pretty fucking good hint or (2) a hint that some other closely related variable produces the causation.

Anyways, just a trend I’ve noticed that people who hate correlations tend to be on the wrong side of the argument.  The two are correlated, you might say.