What are you guys drinking, appletinis??

by laidnyc

Keanu dropped in a nice anecdote a while ago:

A friend of mine who has no idea what game is, but is fucking awesome at having fun when we are out, used this gem the other night to get some girls talking to us:

He saunters up to a table of several girls, and slaps his hand down really hard on the table. “Just got a promotion, Ladies! What are you guys drinking, appletinis?? I got four appletinis coming up for ya! Be right back!”

He then walks away, and does the same to maybe 2 or 3 other tables.

He comes back, we hang out, and he never gets anyone any drinks. Inevitably at least one of the girls will come up to him or see him later and be all, “Heyy!! Where is my appletini??”

Annnnd there are a lot of directions you can go with that one if you want to run some game type shit.

Bottom line, he’s doing everything for his OWN entertainment, and not worrying about whatever other people are thinking.

I like it.

Now, you don’t have to go out and do the promotion-appletini opener.

What I do recommend is having fun and being creative.

I’ve said that the best wingman is a guy you have fun with who doesn’t read about game.  One reason is that guys who don’t know there’s a script are forced to meet girls through whatever force of personality they have.  This means blue balled betas hover in the corner with a beer shield, but fun guys are more likely to send a table of girls shot glasses filled with water.

The average guy with “learned game” doesn’t think of the creative shit that naturally fun guys do.

Duh, so are you saying just be friends with naturals?

Sort of.  But understand there are different levels to naturals.  The term has become sort of glorified in the PUA community.  I just mean a guy who is confident and fun around women, not necessarily a guy who gets laid every night.

I’ve had several friends I’d describe as “natural” with women who are in relationships or married, but they’re great at winging.

Anyways, my point is if you are not witty enough to freeball it and go off book you’ll eventually fail at game anyway.  Even for a beginner, working off scripted game is only like 1% of what you’ll say in set.

P.S. Rumor has it that Krauser will have a book coming out on daygame.  I’ll do a review later but I’ll say for now that if you are a straight male, you’ll want this book.  Add Krauser to your RSS feed or bookmark him or whatever and make sure to pay attention when he releases the book.