You Sandbaggin’ Son Of A Bitch

by laidnyc

In ninth grade I’d sit at a lunch table with my friends Sean and Jake and play what we dubbed “The game”, that is for every girl that passed by we would say whether we’d do her or not.

Sean had the lowest standards of us all, Jake and I usually agreed, but one thing didn’t fail: we could all make our decision almost instantly.

And that is the problem.

A woman wants to EARN her man.

But since men can make a decision in a split second, based on beauty which is inherited and not earned, it is really hard if not impossible for a woman to actually earn attraction.

A woman starts with a beauty rating, and that is really her peak rating, she can only lose points through rudeness, sluttery, or shamelessness, very rarely can her personality score her points above her beauty.

Yet if you’ve ever heard a group of girls deliberate on how to reply to an alpha’s text message, you know that they think they are actually running game on these guys.

It’s a weird thought to guys running who spend so much time learning game:  Girls think THEY are the ones doing the seducing.

That’s why “PUA” is inherently a creepy and repellant concept to girls:  they want to be the ones earning your attentions, not the other way around.

So don’t say “check, please!” as soon as you catch a glimpse of her cleavage.  Relax, ignore her cuteness, and let her win you the fuck over.

One of the things I do is sandbag my attraction a little, I’ll be a little lukewarm to a hot girl until she says something I like, and then I’ll pretend like she just hooked me with that.

“Yeah I thought you were just a typical NY girl until you said X.  I like that a lot.  Make sure I get your number before I leave”

“Make sure I get your number before I leave” is a great line for house parties or any type of setting where you are “working the room” so to speak.

It’s essentially a compliance test.  Girls are very interested will flip out their phones immediately to exchange numbers.  This is what Krauser calls a “yes girl”

Shyer girls may not immediately initiate the exchange but they will seek you out again and if you expertly seeded some type of plans they’ll nudge you into taking their number.

Note that if you misread a girl and she’s not into you at all, there is little reason for her give you a flat out embarrassing rejection.  You’re simply offering to accept her number at a later time if she chooses to give it.  There is no reason for her to say no.  So she won’t, she’ll just avoid engrossing conversation with you for the rest of the night, which is a good thing.  The last thing you need is a time waster, the last thing she needs is to be patronized with you pretending to be interested in her.

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