Grains of Salt

by laidnyc

I have a shameful confession to make: I won “Best Smile” in high school.

I know, totally beta, right??  Not only smiling, but doing it so much that you become known for it?

I could try to up my mugshot game but my friends are fucking hilarious, to hang out with them and not show some teeth means you are likely humorless and a pain to be around.  Plus, while a cynic in private, I am generally in a good mood when I’m around people.   The lucky few of you who have met me in person might have noticed I smile more than you thought I would.  And really, I don’t give a shit, I’m going to keep doing it.

There is tons of information out there on how to dress, act, talk, etc.  but you have to calibrate it all to the grounded reality you live in.  Some of it won’t be meant for you, some of it is just downright bad advice, and all of it is filtered through the possibly biased reality of the person who is writing it.

So girls rate photographs of unsmiling men as more attractive.  Cool.  That’s is actually pretty interesting.  It doesn’t mean you should mean mug it the entire time you hang out with people.  There’s a middle ground between smiling so much your cheeks hurt and being tight lipped serious face.  Allow this middle ground to happen.  That’s called being normal.  This goes for a lot of advice you’ll read on the internet.

Some of you may say “duh”. No shit LaidNYC, you moron.

Easy, killer.  I’m posting this advice because lots of newbies are socially uncalibrated and will take any advice they read as gospel.  The internet is an easy place to buffer yourself from reality and I worry the manosphere is only a stone’s throw away from “how to keep pints of blood in your freezer so a girl thinks you’re a bad boy” type shit.  So my advice to the impressionable minds thirsty for advice on socializing is to read less manosphere blogs and talk to more humans.