My Last Post: Why I’m Quitting Blogging

by laidnyc

Here lies LaidNYC, we hardly knew ye.  Square jaw, sharp tongue, and rumor has it he was that guy from Nantucket.

I’m done blogging.  If  you liked my writing, consider donating.

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Oh, and since guys who know this kind of thing tell me more people will sign up for your email list if you offer something for free, you’ll get some nice goodies when you sign up:

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-The “Ten Laws of Finding Your Mission” (15 pages), an ebook that I wrote, gave away for like a week and then took down.  Reviewed here by Matt Forney.  Also reviewed by Free Northerner.

You’ll get all that, which is pretty much everything I’ve ever written under the LaidNYC name, just for getting on my mailing list, which I may never email, Completely Free.

Okay, wait, lets backdafuckup.  Why am I retiring this blog and moniker?  Many reasons.  Here it goes:

My writing has gone downhill.  You are no doubt an adoring fan who hasn’t noticed anything negative about me but I believe if you go through my archive you’ll see that most of my best posts are from months and months ago.  Traffic has risen steadily, but that’s not necessarily a metric of quality.  My three favorite posts of mine are all from last summer.  Yeah, yeah, I can still articulate and turn a phrase as well as a wily jew, but my subject matter has been largely derivative.  I’ve been posting just to post, not bringing elite value.  I lost the fire.

I’m sick of anonymity.  In the ugly-truth-tell-o-sphere, the case for using a psuedonym is rock solid.  It’s just a pain in the ass (and as far as pen names go, LaidNYC is no Mark Twain, I cringe just looking at my pseudonym).  The next work I pen will be under my real name.  I am a proud man and I’d like credit for the delicious bon mots that I craft.

I’m sick of writing about feminism.  Feminism is anti-civilization and a destroyer of beauty, as valid an enemy as there is.  I’m just tired of using my brainpower on it.  My best trafficked posts are always the anti-feminist screeds and that disappoints me.  It’s good writing, just not really something I want to be known for.

I don’t think about game much anymore.  Obviously I will still use game in my daily life forever, but if you’re trying to attain  mastery, guys who are in the field making their bones (heh) are who you should listen to.  I’m in a relationship now (top that, motherfuckers!), so I’m not your best source on game, I don’t have the edge of urgency.  Last week I listened to my manosphereradio interview from last summer, and it is all good information that I still largely believe in, but I was just a completely different person then.  I’m in a different place now.  As far as the relationship: A lot of guys in the ‘sphere hate on monogamy, but different strokes.  I screened well, I’m pairbonded, I like it and I’m gonna see where it leads.  Come on now, you’ve read my stuff, does anyone honestly think I can’t handle a relationship without getting played? Bitch please.

I’m culling my technology usage.  I’ve spent way too much of my life in front of screens and its going to stop. I need to get rid of my stimulation-seeking popcorn brain.  I’m not an internet addict or anything, but social media is definitely a prudent thing to cut.  My twitter is getting deleted this week.  I can catch up on twitter a month from now just by checking a handful of guy’s feeds, and I don’t even need an account to do that.  Besides work related things, once a day email checking, and checking my Feedly once a week, I won’t be surfing the web until after the summer, at least.  This more than anything is biggest reason I’m quitting.

This blog is small potatoes.  The bigger I dream, the smaller this blog seems.  Its just a non-profitable time waster.  So why not monetize?  Well, I had an ebook on game almost completed, around 120 pages of mostly new content at the last draft, then I just fucking deleted it.  I’m not putting out some game product just to make a quick thousand or two on launch, then get essentially handcuffed into continuing my blog just so I can keep selling products at ten bucks a pop here and there.  I am NOT hating on anybody who sells things on their blog:  it is just not for me at this time.

The show will go on.  The Mount Rushmore guys of the manosphere are still standing, there are great websites and podcasts out there, and it seems like more keep popping up.  Fight Club has moved out of the basement and its Project Mayhem now.  I am not special.


Why not just keep the blog/twitter and post in a few months if the mood strikes?  Aren’t you being a little dramatic?

Probably, but I like the idea of a clean break.  It’s freeing.  We can still be friends though.

Are you going to delete the blog?

I won’t scorch the earth but I’m not going to stop anything from happening to it, either.  I probably just won’t log in anymore.

So what are you going to do now?

You mean other than work, hang out with my friends and girlfriend and enjoy life outside the internet?  Glad you asked.

First, I’m taking the time/creative energy I put into pickup and manosphere stuff and putting it into a few business opportunities.  I can’t go into details here, obviously.

Second, I’m putting more effort into fitness/health.  Making sure to get gym time in, preparing paleo meals instead of ordering from Seamless, juicing, etc.  This stuff takes time.  As eye candy, I bear a certain responsibility to the world to be in my best shape for the summer.

Finally, I will continue to allot myself some time to write.  Only it will be with a pen, paper and a clear mind rather than tabbing back and forth between twitter and a wordpress draft.  I don’t know where its gonna lead but I have a few ideas and if you want to be kept posted, definitely sign up for my email list. If I do launch a new project it would benefit from a ready audience.  I won’t spam this list.  In fact, as it stands right now I may never actually email this list.  But if you like my writing you’ll probably want to be on it just in case.

So there you have it.  If you want to get at me for any personal or professional reason, I will continue to check my account.  There are some good people out there so don’t be surprised if I contact some of you in the future as well.  There are at least a few of you that I’d like to collaborate with on projects in the future if the opportunity arises.

Man plans, God laughs.  I have no idea what the future holds for me.  But I can’t wait to find out.

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